Green Tea Extract L-Theanine
Spec: 98%
Color: white fine powder
used part: leaves

What is green tea extract?

Green tea extract L-theanine is a unique amino acid in tea. L-theanine is synthesized in the roots of tea trees, transported to the leaves through the branches, and accumulated in the leaves. The amino acid contained in the tea leaves under dark conditions Is the most, but less in general crude tea. L-theanine powder is the non-specific protein amino acid with the highest content in tea. It is a white needle-like crystal with a melting point of 217°C~218°C. It is very soluble in water, insoluble in organic solvents such as ethanol and ether, and its aqueous solution is slightly acidic. As an alkylamine, it can activate γ-T immune cells, promote cell proliferation and cytokine secretion,reduce the risk of colds and viruses.

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What are green tea extract benefits?

1. Theanine helps curb depression

Green tea extract L-theanine can penetrate the blood-brain barrier, increase the content of mitochondrial neurotransmitter dopamine, help release negative emotions in the brain, and stimulate the nervous system, which has obvious effects of calming the nerves, reducing tension and relaxing nerves;

2. Theanine helps improve menstrual syndrome

Theanine can improve PMS, such as headache, low back pain, chest pain, weakness, fatigue, inability to concentrate, irritability and other symptoms;

3. Green tea extract helps in weight loss

Green tea leaf extract can absorb the fat in the body, inhibit the accumulation of fat, accelerate the consumption of calories, and effectively inhibit obesity;

4. Green Tea Extract Helps Fight Fatigue

L-theanine can reduce the consumption of liver glycogen, reduce the level of serum urea nitrogen during exercise, promote the elimination of blood lactic acid after exercise, inhibit the secretion of s-serotonin, promote the secretion of catecholamine, and effectively eliminate fatigue.

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What is green tea l-theanine used for?

1. Tea drink quality improver

Green tea extract L-theanine can alleviate the bitterness of coffee and the astringency of tea polyphenols, adding a certain amount of theanine to tea beverages can significantly improve the quality and flavor of tea beverages;

2. Functional food additives

Theanine extract has the effect of relieving nervous tension and regulating the central nervous system, and is often used to make food with educational functions;

3. Medical supplements

Green tea EGCG can improve diabetes, hypertension, and is often used in the field of medicine.

Where Can I Buy Green Tea Theanine?

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